Friday, April 13, 2012

NSV.....or is it????

Well, lots of things are going on in my little world here in sunny North Carolina.  :)  We are in the process of building a deck and it is looking good.  I can't wait for that moment (hopefully Sunday morning before church) that I go out, early, coffee in hand and sit on my deck.

Also, in a week from now my sis and I will be Delaware bound where we will meet up with our other two sisters and on Sunday head to NY and ship out for Bermuda.  We are all so excited.

ok, on to the NSV.....I think.  So, there is this guy at work.  You know the kind, he is nice, but he talks more (with more enthusiasm) to the pretty girls.  Basically, I have seen him go out of his way to help a young, pretty female engineer, but never the new young guy engineers.  You get the picture.  Anyhow, I have chit chatted with him before, but not in great length and by far not with that enthusiasm.  Well, he walks past my desk the other day and says, "Hey pretty lady!".  Who is he talking to?  I look around...I am the only one.  Wow!!  Ok, I'll take it.  :)  I can't help what he is like, but I sure will take the compliment.  lol

But at the same time, I am perplexed.  Has 40 lbs made that much difference?  I know my looks are changing slowly (even though I don't really see it).  Is it that or is it me?  Is my confidence level showing a different side of me and people like him are feeding off of that?  Years many years ago, when I lost a considerable amount of weight, I noticed the same thing, but never really put much thought into it.

Maybe it is a combination of both.  Hmmmm....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My grand total is 40 lbs lost!!!  Yeah me!
Starting weight 247
Weigh at surgery 239
Last week 208
Today 207

Wow!!!!  I am only a few lbs from what I was when my husband and I met.  :)

Ok, so I came to work and was like, I lost 1 lb and my total is 40.  I wish I lost 2, but I will take it.  This guy says, but go into a store and pick up a 40lb bag of dog food and think about how much you have lost.  Wow, perspective.   I remembered that some folks post pictures of things that weigh the amount they here ya go.

That big ole fish is 40 lbs!!!
Happy Wednesday to all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh day

Once again, I am a day off in posting this.  Been full speed ahead at work and home.  Attempting to put up a deck and we are no carpenters.  whew...please pray for us. :)

ok, here are the numbers....drum roll please
Starting weight 247
Weight at surgery 239
Last week 210
Yesterday 208
Loss 2 lbs for this week.
Total loss of 39 lbs.   That makes me very happy.  Been stalled way too long.

Have a great day everyone!!!