Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feel like a kid a week before Christmas

Insurance has my paperwork and are reviewing it.  Praying for a speedy approval.

So, for the record, I do feel like a kid before Christmas.  I am so anxious and excited that I am about to go nuts.  ha ha  I am just a little insane. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waiting, weigh-ins and Names

My waiting game has truly begun.  I am trying to not stress.  I did my part, now we have to see if the insurance accepts it all.  Don’t you just love the waiting game and the not knowing.
I am on day three of the low carb diet.  All is well so far.  I did find myself wanting a bowl of cereal last night, so I had sugar free gelatin instead.  Thankfully it worked.  I do NOT want to screw this up.  This has been a long 5 months and I don’t want to mess it up for anything.  I have done a little walking and will increase that.  The surgeon said it will be easier to do after surgery if I get my body used to it now.  I have already made a lot of changes needed for the band and am working on the not drinking during meals and the chewing….a bazillion times.    J
For some reason, I have decided that Wednesday will be my weigh day.  I just like the mid week thing for some reason.  Well, I weighed this morning and it was 244.8, so my 2 days of low carbs is helping.   I also need to get my husband to help me gets some pictures and measurements together.  Oh joy!!!  (NOT)  One day I will look back at them and be glad I put together my starting photos.
I am stealing an idea from several of you.  First, my band will have her own birthday (yes, she is a girl) and her name will be Desiree.  I chose that name because in French it means “much desired”.  I desire to be healthy, to feel good, to not hate what I see in the mirror, to wear nice cloths, to enjoy shopping, to have some energy, to be able to move and not feel like I am moving thru mud (I hate that) and the list goes on.  So there you have it, her name will be Desiree and hopefully we will know her birth date soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paper work headed to insurance on Monday

Well, I went to the surgeon today with my husband as my support.  We went over everything and the paperwork is being faxed to insurance on Monday!!!!  They told me that they have good results with my insurance and usually hear something within 72 hrs, so they expect to know something by the end of next week.  They will then schedule my surgery.  Looks like I will be a November Bandster!!!  They told me I am to start the low carb diet on Monday so I will be ready.  Also, I found out that I get to go straight to mushies after surgery., hmmm, what shall I eat for Thanksgiving. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

I was feeling a little crabby on my birthday.  ha ha ha, Just kidding.  I felt pretty good.  Had some family in and we went to an aquarium. My husband couldn't resist getting this picture.

Well, time is moving nicely and I am so ready for my visit with the surgeon on Friday the 21st.  I am ready to get this show on the road.  :)

Last week I took some time to read some more blogs.  I am going to expound on what I said last time about the blogs of folks that have already gone thru the journey.  Something I have noticed about reading them is that in the beginning, they HAD all the fears I have now.  Can I do this?  Will I fail at this too?  Will my insurance give me the thumbs up?  And then as I read each blog, the days go by, the months go by and I watch as they come to the realization of, "Yes, I AM doing this!  I CAN succeed.  I do have to put forth the effort, but with the help of the band, I can achieve my dreams."  Reading these blogs has been like reading a book.  The baseline story, the issues, the climax and then achieving the goal, only to make new goals and to live life.  Oh how exciting.  I got so into a blog the other day that something negative happened and I was heart broken.  I'm so crazy.  My point is, all your blogs are helping me see that I will get over those feelings and over any hurdles.

My husband expressed concern over me losing so much that I will look sickly (ha ha, I can't say I have ever had anyone worry like that over me before...well, not for that reason.)  I think he see's all my determination and doesn't want me to get crazy................well, crazier.  :)  I told him, I just want to be comfortable.  He looked at me like he wasn't sure what I meant.  I said, you know that poofy hunting coat you hate because you look like Randy in Christmas Story....."I can't put my arms down..."  He said yes and I said, that is how I feel all the time.  I saw the light bulb come on over his head.  I just want to be comfortable.  Not Twiggy (or what ever her name was).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To my followers.....

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement on this journey. I have 9 followers, 2 of them are 2 of my sisters and the others are my new friends.  I am not even banded yet and yet I feel like I am already a part of the Band-it family.

I have read numourous blogs of those that have been on this journey for a while and am so encouraged to read all that they learned.  It is like reading a good book......I just can't put my computer down.  Some folks are addicted to farmville and I am addicted to blogs.  :)  One of the great things about reading these blogs after the fact is to watch how you each grow....small in size, but big in lessons.  I love seeing when everything finally comes together and each are learning your band and learning how to make it work for you.

When I go to the surgeon on the 21st, I have to have someone from my support team with husband.  But I will not hesitate to tell the doc about all of you and the folks at work.  I am completely amazed by the support.  Thank you again!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year....Autumn

I LOVE Fall!!!!  I could soooo see myself sitting by this tree with a good book.

It seems approriate, if you will, that I am being banded in the fall.  I love everything about this time of year.  The crisp air, the colors.  I am not a summer lover....never have been.  I feel alive this time of year.  One of my friends said (pardon me if I repeat myself from a previous post), that I will probably be banded right before Thanksgiving.  I said, well then, I will enjoy myself a steaming bowl of Turkey broth and a pumpkin spiced protein shake.  :)  That is me being positive.

I am using this time to reflect.  I have notice on lap band talk and other blogs that that is what most folks do during this waiting period.  One of the main things I have been reflecting on this week are the things I am looking forward to.  I have seen many folks list some of these, so here is a start on my list.

More energy (I am tired of having zero energy)
Get to the top of the stairs and not be doubled over.
Purchase AND wear pretty cloths.
To feel more comfortable.
To look comfortable (and not all squishy)
Get off blood pressure meds.
Delay the onset of other health issues.

This is just a start to the list.  I will add more as they come. :)