Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waiting, weigh-ins and Names

My waiting game has truly begun.  I am trying to not stress.  I did my part, now we have to see if the insurance accepts it all.  Don’t you just love the waiting game and the not knowing.
I am on day three of the low carb diet.  All is well so far.  I did find myself wanting a bowl of cereal last night, so I had sugar free gelatin instead.  Thankfully it worked.  I do NOT want to screw this up.  This has been a long 5 months and I don’t want to mess it up for anything.  I have done a little walking and will increase that.  The surgeon said it will be easier to do after surgery if I get my body used to it now.  I have already made a lot of changes needed for the band and am working on the not drinking during meals and the chewing….a bazillion times.    J
For some reason, I have decided that Wednesday will be my weigh day.  I just like the mid week thing for some reason.  Well, I weighed this morning and it was 244.8, so my 2 days of low carbs is helping.   I also need to get my husband to help me gets some pictures and measurements together.  Oh joy!!!  (NOT)  One day I will look back at them and be glad I put together my starting photos.
I am stealing an idea from several of you.  First, my band will have her own birthday (yes, she is a girl) and her name will be Desiree.  I chose that name because in French it means “much desired”.  I desire to be healthy, to feel good, to not hate what I see in the mirror, to wear nice cloths, to enjoy shopping, to have some energy, to be able to move and not feel like I am moving thru mud (I hate that) and the list goes on.  So there you have it, her name will be Desiree and hopefully we will know her birth date soon.

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