Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family, new granddaughter, work....aka (excuses) Life

So much has happened in the time I have been away and I have not handled it well.
My first reaction was to turn to food and not exercise.  Yes, I know, I know.  So I have an appt with the psychologist on Thursday.  Lots to go over.  :)

Where do I begin.  First, back in the spring I had someone close attempt suicide (can't recall if I mentioned it before).  I left work so upset, went home and ate a piece of cake.  It seems like once I did that, I spiralled from there.

Then my step-daughter was having some issues with her pregnancy.  Everything was upside down.  I lost my focus.

Then baby Madyson was born......healthy baby girl.  OHHHH what a blessing.  Life has changed and my focus was still off.

Then it was sooo horribly HOT.  Heat index of 116 most days.  Can't ride in that, I will have a stroke.

Work has been soooo busy that I work thru lunch, no time to read all those inspirational blogs.

So here I am.  Trying to clear my vision.  I did start back to my bike riding and am up to 22 miles a day.  But still working on my food focus.  I know all the right things....that is not the problem.  So I go see the doc on thursday to help me with my vision. 

I haven't gained (thank you God and band), but I haven't lost either.  Even with all the riding I am doing.

So here I am, laying out all my "sins" and trying to work thru them and get back on track.  Wish me luck.
Now, as soon as I am on a computer where I can post picutres, I will share pics of our granddaughter.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I call her Aislyn

Sarah (a blogger I now follow) has given me the cycling bug.  This is one bug I hope to keep.  I LOVED biking when I was a teen and I pray it comes back.  My sister had this bike and she wasn't using it anymore, so I adopted it.  I named her Aislyn, which is Irish for Dream, Vision.  Yes, I do have an issue with naming inanimate objects.  My band is Desiree and my camera is Nikki.

Anyhow, Aislyn is in the shop getting some new street worthy shoes.  I have talked to several cyclist and they all say that it will be much easier to ride the roads with smooth tires.  As time goes on and I see if I am committed to this, then I will look at getting a new road bike.

I discovered there is a ride in my town this coming Sept, to raise money for MS research, so I am shooting to be ready for that.  I will decide by the end of the month, but I am pretty sure I am gonna go for it.

Can't wait to try her out this weekend.  Wish me luck (and a somewhat painless rear!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weigh day, Bermuda, NSV and PB from hell!!!

Well, I certainly have a lot of catching up to do.  I have spent this entire week just trying to get into my old routine and in that, read some of your blogs.  I am now getting around to posting.

First, my last official weigh day was April 11th.  So here are the numbers.
April 11th 207.0
Today 203.4
Total lost from the last weigh day is 3.6 and total is 43.6.

Now, while I am not thrilled with 3.6 lbs in 4 weeks, I am happy for a loss.  Plus, I weighed on the Thursday before we left and I was 207.4 and when I returned it was 205.6.  Almost 2 lbs lost while on the cruise.  I was extremely happy with that.  So that said, I lost 4 lbs in 2 and a half weeks.  I am cool with that.

I went to see my surgeon on Friday, May 4th.  He was so pleased with my results that he said he did not want to give me a fill and chance being too tight.  Works for me.  He still wants me to join a gym, but I just cannot fit it into the budget right now.  I need a new vehicle and am praying my old car keeps going for another year....so I am trying to keep my expenses so that I can afford a car payment next year.  I am working on proving to him that I can do this without going to a gym.  So I will keep my walking up and add some resistance training.

Bermuda!!!!  What can I say....WOW!!!!  It is sooooo beautiful!!!  I will post some pics soon.  I have only a few on this pc to show you.  We had a blast.  The cruise there and back was a bit rocky, but we all did well.  Can't say the same for quite a few others....they even had barf bags beside the elevators.
We went into St. George and wanted to see this old church built in the 1600's called St. Andrews.  Here is a pic of the steps....

And me after running up the steps Rocky style.  :)  My sisters were cheering me on.  A couple of things to note....one, I ran up steps.  wow  Second, I am wearing shorts.  (size 16 I might add)  That is huge...I NEVER wear shorts.

I had several NSV's while on this trip.  One, when I saw a pic of me I gasped and said, OH my word!!!  I have definition in my face!!!  I FINALLY saw my weight loss.  Second, we went into a store to get souvenirs.  I bought myself a t-shirt, but later when I was showing it to my sisters they were like, Um, Joyce....yeah....no, you need a smaller size!  YES!!! :)  Then, on the second day in Bermuda, I was sitting in the back seat of the taxi and I suddenly burst out with..."Oh my God!!!  My legs are crossed!!!"  I took a picture....will share later...it is on my home pc.  So, as you can see, this has been an exciting week.  Time with my sisters...lost 2 lbs and it was full of NSV's.

I was unsure how my band would do, but I was able to eat fine.  Then when I got home, I noticed that things didn't go down quite as easy.  On Tuesday after we got home, I was eating some turkey loaf and had a PB from hell.  It was aweful!!!  So bad that I couldn't even drink water 4 hrs later.  I had such a headache and couldn't even take liquid tylenol.  It bubbled and came right back up.   Whew, huge lesson learned.

Now, back to routine of work, play and preparing for a new grandbaby!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

NSV.....or is it????

Well, lots of things are going on in my little world here in sunny North Carolina.  :)  We are in the process of building a deck and it is looking good.  I can't wait for that moment (hopefully Sunday morning before church) that I go out, early, coffee in hand and sit on my deck.

Also, in a week from now my sis and I will be Delaware bound where we will meet up with our other two sisters and on Sunday head to NY and ship out for Bermuda.  We are all so excited.

ok, on to the NSV.....I think.  So, there is this guy at work.  You know the kind, he is nice, but he talks more (with more enthusiasm) to the pretty girls.  Basically, I have seen him go out of his way to help a young, pretty female engineer, but never the new young guy engineers.  You get the picture.  Anyhow, I have chit chatted with him before, but not in great length and by far not with that enthusiasm.  Well, he walks past my desk the other day and says, "Hey pretty lady!".  Who is he talking to?  I look around...I am the only one.  Wow!!  Ok, I'll take it.  :)  I can't help what he is like, but I sure will take the compliment.  lol

But at the same time, I am perplexed.  Has 40 lbs made that much difference?  I know my looks are changing slowly (even though I don't really see it).  Is it that or is it me?  Is my confidence level showing a different side of me and people like him are feeding off of that?  Years ago....so many years ago, when I lost a considerable amount of weight, I noticed the same thing, but never really put much thought into it.

Maybe it is a combination of both.  Hmmmm....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My grand total is 40 lbs lost!!!  Yeah me!
Starting weight 247
Weigh at surgery 239
Last week 208
Today 207

Wow!!!!  I am only a few lbs from what I was when my husband and I met.  :)

Ok, so I came to work and was like, I lost 1 lb and my total is 40.  I wish I lost 2, but I will take it.  This guy says, but go into a store and pick up a 40lb bag of dog food and think about how much you have lost.  Wow, perspective.   I remembered that some folks post pictures of things that weigh the amount they lost...so here ya go.

That big ole fish is 40 lbs!!!
Happy Wednesday to all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh day

Once again, I am a day off in posting this.  Been full speed ahead at work and home.  Attempting to put up a deck and we are no carpenters.  whew...please pray for us. :)

ok, here are the numbers....drum roll please
Starting weight 247
Weight at surgery 239
Last week 210
Yesterday 208
Loss 2 lbs for this week.
Total loss of 39 lbs.   That makes me very happy.  Been stalled way too long.

Have a great day everyone!!!