Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Starting weight 247
Last week 216.8
Today 214.6
This weeks lost 2.2, total loss of 32.4

I am so ready to see 211.4 because I will be shedding that dreaded word MORBIDLY obese.  :)  It's so close!!!

The week before last I wasn't making the best food choices, then I ended up with a cold and my workout has consisted of pulling the handle on the recliner.  Right now, if I try to do much of anything I will cough a lung up.  ugh!!!

We have 7 weeks before our cruise (my sisters and I) and I so badly want to be below 200 by then.  With a little extra work, there is no reason I can't achieve this goal.  I am hoping the last bits of this cold will be gone by the weekend and I can start working out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What better photo than this to represent 30 lbs lost!!!  30 lbs of fat!!!  wow!!!

Last week I had lost 2 lbs (I didn't blog...shame on me)
Here are my totals thus far:
Beginning 247
Day of banding 238.4
Last week 218.0
Today 216.8
Total lost 30.2 with a BMI of 41!!!  In 5.8 lbs I will no longer be MORBIDLY Obese. I am sooo ready to get rid of that word.  What an aweful word it is.

Well, like many before me, I am in the "I can't see the loss" mode.  My husband grabbed me and our wedding album from a year ago and off to the bathroom mirror we went.  He opened the book and said LOOK, now tell me you can't see that.  :)  awww, he is too sweet!!!

I still have trouble seeing it, but what I didn't have trouble seeing was that I can wear a t-shirt he bought me for my birthday back in Oct.  Now that is exciting.  What will be even more exciting is the day I fit into some 18 pants!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weighday, first goal met and first stuck experience

Happy Wednesday to all!!!

Ok, I tried to weigh last week, but my scale got real squirrely (praying I don't have to get a new one yet).

So, todays total is 220.0 for a total of 27 lbs lost (over 10% of my weight gone!!!).  18.4 of this is after surgery!!!

My first goal was to lose 10%.  Yeah.

Now for the stuck episode.  We were having a big conversation during dinner last night and I swallowed too soon.  Then it hit me, square in the chest.  Oh my!!!  I got up and paced back and forth from the living room to the kitchen and thankfully it passed.  whew.  I am kind of glad it happened because I get my second fill this coming friday and I needed this reminder to chew and eat slowly.

I have been walking for 20 minutes each day with a co-working and trying to get more in the evenings at home.  That is the hard part.  Even with grown children you get pulled in 20 directions.  I think I am going to have to just say, this time slot is mine, you get me after that.  :)