Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Starting weight 247
Last week 216.8
Today 214.6
This weeks lost 2.2, total loss of 32.4

I am so ready to see 211.4 because I will be shedding that dreaded word MORBIDLY obese.  :)  It's so close!!!

The week before last I wasn't making the best food choices, then I ended up with a cold and my workout has consisted of pulling the handle on the recliner.  Right now, if I try to do much of anything I will cough a lung up.  ugh!!!

We have 7 weeks before our cruise (my sisters and I) and I so badly want to be below 200 by then.  With a little extra work, there is no reason I can't achieve this goal.  I am hoping the last bits of this cold will be gone by the weekend and I can start working out.


  1. You're going to be under 200 before you know it. :)

    Great loss this week. I predict you'll be seeing 211.4 by next week's weigh-in!

  2. Great loss. You can get to onderland before your cruise if you focus.