Friday, March 2, 2012

Nutritionist, PB from hell and upcoming cruise

I went for a 3 month visit with my nutritionist yesterday.  Have I mentioned lately that I love this woman.  She has such an awesome personality!!!  She was once again pleased with my progress.  She knows that I still don't have much restriction and I am doing some of this on my own.  I was supposed to go early April to get my next fill (I have 6 cc's in my 11 cc band.  The nutritionist said most folks with the Realize band do not feel much until 7cc's). Anyhow, she was sitting there thinking and then suddenly said, when is your fill????? when is your cruise????  When she realized they were only 2 weeks apart, she quickly said, no, wait until you return for your next fill.  "I do not want you going out of the country with a new fill."  While I am looking forward to my next fill, I do not want to be sitting in Bermuda, unable to eat ANYTHING.  So she rescheduled my fill appointment.

Then last night, I decided to eat a couple of tator tots.  Well, Desiree had OTHER ideas.  Whew, a gun shot to the chest couldn't have hurt any worse.  My chest was on fire!!!  I was so glad to get rid of those tots and I flung the other 3 out the door for the dog.  I hope he enjoyed them!!!  Lesson learned!!!

I told her my goal of being below 200 when we leave for the cruise.  She was like, if you continue exactly as you are now, you will only miss it by half a lb, so with just a little extra effort, there is no reason I won't be.  Yeah!!!!

I am 2 lbs from being under 40% bmi, 14 lbs from being in onderland and around 16 lbs from hitting 50lbs.  Sweet!!!!!  Love my mini-goals.  OHHHH, and I bought some 1XL jeans yesterday.  Yes!!!  Adios, 3X, Good buy 2X.  I got the kind with elastic band so I can wear them for awhile, but it was still exciting.

I also want to add how much I love you all.  Your words of inspiration mean soooooo much to me.  Your support is amazing and helps me so much.  Thank you!!!


  1. Love that you have such a great nutrionist!

    Good job on all your success so far! You're so close to so many of your goals!

  2. Yay on the 1XL pants. Isn't it sweet????

  3. Wow Baby Girl, I won't know you when you come up here for the cruise. hehe. can't wait to see you. You are deserving of everything we say. You are the one doing the hard work, and I am so proud of you. love you looking forward to seeing you.