Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Support group pinning

Last night was the support group meeting hosted by my doctor’s office.  I LOVE going to these meetings and I see why they are a huge part of one’s success.  I learn so much every time from the seasoned bandits.
Last night they had a pinning ceremony.  I knew they wanted us to bring pictures or old clothes that we once wore.  For me, since I am in the early stages of this journey, I opted to bring a photo.  It was taken this past Sept. 29th at a friend’s wedding.  I hate it, but it makes an awesome photo to look back on…even in these early stages.
Here is the pin I received.  We were given pins to represent our various stages, like loss of 100 lbs or 200 lbs.  My is for having the courage to take this step to better my health.  I love it!!!

This is the picture I brought with me from Sept.  I still don’t necessarily see all the changes, but my husband says he does.  I tried to explain to him why we don’t always see the changes and it takes time before we see ourselves clearly.  He didn’t quite understand, but that is ok.

Also, here is a shirt he bought for me in Oct for my birthday.  (I love this shirt….says I found Mr. Right, it is talking about Jesus).  It was quite snug on me then, so I attempted to take a pic of myself.  Then a month ago I put it on again and had him take a picture of me.  The biggest thing I noticed was my arms.  In the photo on the left (taken in Oct), my arms were snug in that shirt and in the picture on the right (taken Feb. 11th) the sleeves were hanging loose.  YES!!!
I love my band.


  1. I love the pin idea...it's great to have a tangible representation of your accomplishments!

  2. Ok I totally love this . I wish they did that here . And YES there are most definitely very visible changes in you. No doubt you were gorgeous before too though! You have done a fantastic job!!!!

  3. LOVE the pinning idea! And you're looking great!

  4. What a fab gift from the surgeon's office. :) Great comparison pics!