Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have a new theme song........

I was sitting in the recliner this morning, reading blogs and catching up on some Biggest Loser while my family slept and I enjoyed my coffee.  It was sunny but cool and crisp out.  I was content with my coffee and the recliner, but then this years Biggest Loser theme struck me.....No Excuses.  Ugh!!!  So I got up, got dressed and ventured out.  I had already measured the distance from my house to the end of the road and it is 1.5 miles.  Yes, I walked 3 miles this morning.  It took me an hour to do because I stopped twice to talk to my neighbors and twice to talk to this little fella.
His name is Eeyore and he is the sweetest.
My husband texted to see where I was at and I was like, in front of Eeyore's, which is a mile from our house. I was about a quarter of a mile from our house when my husband showed up on the 4 wheeler and said, "you are determined aren't you girl".  Yep, I am!
It felt good.  I feel good.  I am even fixing my hair (which I hardly ever do anymore).  Amazing what a little walk does for the spirit.


  1. Eeyore is a doll. I am a basset hound mama. Bless him.

  2. Hold onto that feeling for the next time you don't really feel like going. It will help you keep moving. Great job.
    Adorable dog.

  3. 3 Miles??? You are awesome!! Seriously awesome!! I am so proud of you and so excited for you. I know how hard it was to leave the coffee and recliner behind. SO hard and you did it!!!! You inspire me!

  4. Love that song... and that puppy DOES look like an Eeyore! ;) What a cutie! :) Congrats on 3 miles!