Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Happy Wednesday to all!!!!

ok, for for my weigh in.
Last week was 214.6
This week 213.2
Loss this week 1.4
Total 33.6

While I am very thankful for a loss, I am not excited about the number.  Now, that said, I realize I was sick the other week and just now started back to walking (before that, if I exerted myself, I coughed up a lung).  I am just so looking forward to that first goal of no longer being labeled Morbidly obese.  I am only a fraction away on the BMI chart.  2 lbs away.  Well, now that I can walk, my goals are to continue walking my 1 mile walk at break time (9am) and on days that the weather permits and I do not go out to lunch, I will walk the 3 mile trail near my office.  I have got to set my mind to this.  I need to not think about it and just do it.  Like I read in a recent blog.  I have to learn that it is ok to take time for me.  Because it also makes me a better me for them.  :)
I also realize that I do not have much restriction yet and I won't see much until early May when I get another fill.  I am kind of curious when I go on the cruise if I will feel any changes.  I have seen in many blogs how different climates and such affect restriction (hence the reason the nutritionist changed my fill appt for after I return).  Might be good if I had a little extra restriction. ;)

Have a blessed Wednesday.

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