Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MORBIDLY obese NO more!!!

Starting weight 247
Weight today 210
Lost total 37
Since surgery 29
Starting BMI 46
Today's BMI 39.4!!!!!!!!!!!


This was one of my first goals.  I HATE the word MORBIDLY and am soooo glad to get it out of my vocabulary (and off my butt).  :)  I knew a few weeks ago that if I wanted to get anywhere (especially since I still don't really have any restriction) that I had to get moving.  Since then I have been walking 3 miles each day.  And it is finally showing on the scale.  Whew!!!

Now on to the next goal.....Onederland!!!!


  1. Congrats! That's a huge milestone!!

  2. Awesome job!! And wow, you'll be in onederland so soon! That's fantastic. :)

  3. Yahoooooooooooooo I am so proud of you Baby Girl. I love the new poundulary, hehe. I am finally getting caught up with your blog. I wish you would call me when you have some of these upsets like ghosts and leftover attacks and such. Thats what big sis is here for. One of the solution suggestions I have is to try to cook only the amount you need for the meal so you don't have leftovers. I had to learn and still am to cook for 2 but I do know that there are some things that just can't be made in small amounts. Hey freeze leftovers for another meal later on, you probably won't chomp down on frozen mac and cheese or mashed taters or what ever. Anyway I am very proud of you and you know you and call me anytime day or night. Love you to pieces.