Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MORBIDLY obese NO more!!!

Starting weight 247
Weight today 210
Lost total 37
Since surgery 29
Starting BMI 46
Today's BMI 39.4!!!!!!!!!!!


This was one of my first goals.  I HATE the word MORBIDLY and am soooo glad to get it out of my vocabulary (and off my butt).  :)  I knew a few weeks ago that if I wanted to get anywhere (especially since I still don't really have any restriction) that I had to get moving.  Since then I have been walking 3 miles each day.  And it is finally showing on the scale.  Whew!!!

Now on to the next goal.....Onederland!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honeymoon!!! Finally!!!

Well, after being married for a year and 4 months, my darling and I are FINALLY going on a honeymoon.  We are taking a 3 day weekend and going to Charleston, SC.  We love Civil War history and when I mentioned it to him, he was all for it.  We have been like two kids getting ready.  We both are so excited.  ha ha  It is supposed to rain on Saturday, so we will save the museums for that day.  We will probably go straight to the boat to go to Fort Sumter when we arrive.  Looking forward to playing with the new camera.  :)  Yes, I will post pics.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Support group pinning

Last night was the support group meeting hosted by my doctor’s office.  I LOVE going to these meetings and I see why they are a huge part of one’s success.  I learn so much every time from the seasoned bandits.
Last night they had a pinning ceremony.  I knew they wanted us to bring pictures or old clothes that we once wore.  For me, since I am in the early stages of this journey, I opted to bring a photo.  It was taken this past Sept. 29th at a friend’s wedding.  I hate it, but it makes an awesome photo to look back on…even in these early stages.
Here is the pin I received.  We were given pins to represent our various stages, like loss of 100 lbs or 200 lbs.  My is for having the courage to take this step to better my health.  I love it!!!

This is the picture I brought with me from Sept.  I still don’t necessarily see all the changes, but my husband says he does.  I tried to explain to him why we don’t always see the changes and it takes time before we see ourselves clearly.  He didn’t quite understand, but that is ok.

Also, here is a shirt he bought for me in Oct for my birthday.  (I love this shirt….says I found Mr. Right, it is talking about Jesus).  It was quite snug on me then, so I attempted to take a pic of myself.  Then a month ago I put it on again and had him take a picture of me.  The biggest thing I noticed was my arms.  In the photo on the left (taken in Oct), my arms were snug in that shirt and in the picture on the right (taken Feb. 11th) the sleeves were hanging loose.  YES!!!
I love my band.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have a new theme song........

I was sitting in the recliner this morning, reading blogs and catching up on some Biggest Loser while my family slept and I enjoyed my coffee.  It was sunny but cool and crisp out.  I was content with my coffee and the recliner, but then this years Biggest Loser theme struck me.....No Excuses.  Ugh!!!  So I got up, got dressed and ventured out.  I had already measured the distance from my house to the end of the road and it is 1.5 miles.  Yes, I walked 3 miles this morning.  It took me an hour to do because I stopped twice to talk to my neighbors and twice to talk to this little fella.
His name is Eeyore and he is the sweetest.
My husband texted to see where I was at and I was like, in front of Eeyore's, which is a mile from our house. I was about a quarter of a mile from our house when my husband showed up on the 4 wheeler and said, "you are determined aren't you girl".  Yep, I am!
It felt good.  I feel good.  I am even fixing my hair (which I hardly ever do anymore).  Amazing what a little walk does for the spirit.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The ghost of husband past.....

Well, this week has been full of some issues and eye openers for me.  There was an issue this week and I reacted....yes, with food.  Without even realizing it, I had pulled the leftovers out of the fridge and began to eat them (it would be REALLY nice to have some restriction in this band).  The next day I was like, what the heck!!!  It is definitly time to make my 3 month post op appt with the counselor.  ugh

Then the ghost of ex-husband 2 showed up.  No, not really him, but someone that sounded so much like him that I had an instant reaction.  You may recall from my first blog about my second husband.  You can read it here .  Anyhow, it has been 6 years since we split and I didn't realize it still affected me.

Here is how I made this revelation.  My son was in a fender bender.  He came home last night and of course, he was like, "first, it wasn't my fault".  lol, I love when they start off with that.  Anyhow, he said, "mom, this guy reminded me so much of him (my second ex husband)".  So I made some calls today to figure out what to do and this man (that my son was in the fender bender with) calls and leaves a message on my cell.  When I was listening to it, first, I almost threw up, then I almost cried.  My son was right, he sounded so much like him.....just the way he worded things and all.  I was surprised by my physical reaction and I realized just how much my ex affected my life.

So I called the counselor....dang, they leave early on Fridays.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Happy Wednesday to all!!!!

ok, for for my weigh in.
Last week was 214.6
This week 213.2
Loss this week 1.4
Total 33.6

While I am very thankful for a loss, I am not excited about the number.  Now, that said, I realize I was sick the other week and just now started back to walking (before that, if I exerted myself, I coughed up a lung).  I am just so looking forward to that first goal of no longer being labeled Morbidly obese.  I am only a fraction away on the BMI chart.  2 lbs away.  Well, now that I can walk, my goals are to continue walking my 1 mile walk at break time (9am) and on days that the weather permits and I do not go out to lunch, I will walk the 3 mile trail near my office.  I have got to set my mind to this.  I need to not think about it and just do it.  Like I read in a recent blog.  I have to learn that it is ok to take time for me.  Because it also makes me a better me for them.  :)
I also realize that I do not have much restriction yet and I won't see much until early May when I get another fill.  I am kind of curious when I go on the cruise if I will feel any changes.  I have seen in many blogs how different climates and such affect restriction (hence the reason the nutritionist changed my fill appt for after I return).  Might be good if I had a little extra restriction. ;)

Have a blessed Wednesday.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Nutritionist, PB from hell and upcoming cruise

I went for a 3 month visit with my nutritionist yesterday.  Have I mentioned lately that I love this woman.  She has such an awesome personality!!!  She was once again pleased with my progress.  She knows that I still don't have much restriction and I am doing some of this on my own.  I was supposed to go early April to get my next fill (I have 6 cc's in my 11 cc band.  The nutritionist said most folks with the Realize band do not feel much until 7cc's). Anyhow, she was sitting there thinking and then suddenly said, when is your fill????? when is your cruise????  When she realized they were only 2 weeks apart, she quickly said, no, wait until you return for your next fill.  "I do not want you going out of the country with a new fill."  While I am looking forward to my next fill, I do not want to be sitting in Bermuda, unable to eat ANYTHING.  So she rescheduled my fill appointment.

Then last night, I decided to eat a couple of tator tots.  Well, Desiree had OTHER ideas.  Whew, a gun shot to the chest couldn't have hurt any worse.  My chest was on fire!!!  I was so glad to get rid of those tots and I flung the other 3 out the door for the dog.  I hope he enjoyed them!!!  Lesson learned!!!

I told her my goal of being below 200 when we leave for the cruise.  She was like, if you continue exactly as you are now, you will only miss it by half a lb, so with just a little extra effort, there is no reason I won't be.  Yeah!!!!

I am 2 lbs from being under 40% bmi, 14 lbs from being in onderland and around 16 lbs from hitting 50lbs.  Sweet!!!!!  Love my mini-goals.  OHHHH, and I bought some 1XL jeans yesterday.  Yes!!!  Adios, 3X, Good buy 2X.  I got the kind with elastic band so I can wear them for awhile, but it was still exciting.

I also want to add how much I love you all.  Your words of inspiration mean soooooo much to me.  Your support is amazing and helps me so much.  Thank you!!!