Thursday, May 17, 2012

I call her Aislyn

Sarah (a blogger I now follow) has given me the cycling bug.  This is one bug I hope to keep.  I LOVED biking when I was a teen and I pray it comes back.  My sister had this bike and she wasn't using it anymore, so I adopted it.  I named her Aislyn, which is Irish for Dream, Vision.  Yes, I do have an issue with naming inanimate objects.  My band is Desiree and my camera is Nikki.

Anyhow, Aislyn is in the shop getting some new street worthy shoes.  I have talked to several cyclist and they all say that it will be much easier to ride the roads with smooth tires.  As time goes on and I see if I am committed to this, then I will look at getting a new road bike.

I discovered there is a ride in my town this coming Sept, to raise money for MS research, so I am shooting to be ready for that.  I will decide by the end of the month, but I am pretty sure I am gonna go for it.

Can't wait to try her out this weekend.  Wish me luck (and a somewhat painless rear!)

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