Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family, new granddaughter, work....aka (excuses) Life

So much has happened in the time I have been away and I have not handled it well.
My first reaction was to turn to food and not exercise.  Yes, I know, I know.  So I have an appt with the psychologist on Thursday.  Lots to go over.  :)

Where do I begin.  First, back in the spring I had someone close attempt suicide (can't recall if I mentioned it before).  I left work so upset, went home and ate a piece of cake.  It seems like once I did that, I spiralled from there.

Then my step-daughter was having some issues with her pregnancy.  Everything was upside down.  I lost my focus.

Then baby Madyson was born......healthy baby girl.  OHHHH what a blessing.  Life has changed and my focus was still off.

Then it was sooo horribly HOT.  Heat index of 116 most days.  Can't ride in that, I will have a stroke.

Work has been soooo busy that I work thru lunch, no time to read all those inspirational blogs.

So here I am.  Trying to clear my vision.  I did start back to my bike riding and am up to 22 miles a day.  But still working on my food focus.  I know all the right things....that is not the problem.  So I go see the doc on thursday to help me with my vision. 

I haven't gained (thank you God and band), but I haven't lost either.  Even with all the riding I am doing.

So here I am, laying out all my "sins" and trying to work thru them and get back on track.  Wish me luck.
Now, as soon as I am on a computer where I can post picutres, I will share pics of our granddaughter.


  1. It's great that you are working on getting your focus back and addressing the stuff that is derailing you. But it is also a victory that even though life went off the rails for a while you didn't gain. I know that pre-band anytime life got really hard it would be a recipe for gaining weight --- you made it through some really tough stuff and were still able to maintain. Maybe it isn't the ideal but don't discount the significance of being able to hold steady with your weight while you try to sort out life's complications. :)

  2. Great job on the bike riding! And congrats on that new baby! SO exciting! Sometimes we have to stop and smell the proverbial roses... If you don't, you'll burn out. You'll find the path back. :) I have faith!


  3. Good luck, sweetie! Let real life take the time it needs, we'll always be here when it settles down. :)