Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes and hurricanes.....hmmmm

Well, we started the week off with an earthquake and are ending it with a hurricane.  Oh my!!  We are running out in the morning to get a few more supplies and then will wait the storm out.

I had my endoscopy appointment yesterday.  My husband decided that he does NOT like me on anesthesia.  ha ha, he likes getting a response from me when he is cutting up and picking on me. Under the influence, I just stared at him.  lol  I think he was hoping to have some new things to pick on me about.
Well, the visit went well.  Doc said I had a small hiatel hernia, but nothing to worry about.  Whew!!!  Come on Sept. 12.  My last check mark and then we can get this show on the road.

Well, keep us southern folks in your prayers as we try to ride out this hurricane.

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  1. Well Baby Girl, sounds like everything is going great, except the weather. I see you lost a couple of lbs. good job. Hope you all got your electricity back by now. We got lucky up here in Delaware. I look forward to your big day along with you. Love ya Keep up the good work.