Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another sunday in the south

This Sunday is a far cry better then last Sunday.  Irene came for a very unwelcomed visit.  We were very fortunate, but my step daughters car was flooded and some friends house was flooded.  We were without power from Saturday around 4 am till Friday around 3 pm.  Those first days were was so hot and the air was still.  All you could here were generators throughout the neighborhood.  I was thanking God for the nights that got down to the mid 60's.  Now, just praying that the new storm coming avoids us.

Well, I have 8 more days till my final check mark.  My husband asked last night when my surgery will be.  I tried to explain the process and just managed to confuse him all the more.  I said, I would say mid October. :)  I was reading some comments on and some were saying that the surgeons give them a tentative date while they wait for the thumbs up from the insurance company.  I hope so....I am so excited.  I have been struggling and I am so ready for this.  And I am so discussed with myself.  And I found a new fat role the other day.  grrrr  I didn't realize the fat was hanging down on my back.  NOT happy about that at all.  ok, enough on my pity party.


  1. Very exciting ... I had a two week pre-op diet so by the time I got to the date .. I was so ready to get it done !

  2. Katia should miss you guys, Baby Girl. It looks like it's making a sharp right turn. You might just get some rain. So glad things are getting closer. I am getting excited for you, and can't wait. Could be a birthday gift for you. That would be neat. A fresh start for your B-day. Stay strong it'll be here be here before you know it. Love ya