Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am beginning to realize the importance of a good support system.  I know the staff at my doctor’s office are adamant about us having a good support system at home and hopefully in life as well.
I was conversing with one of my sisters yesterday.  She is trying so hard to quit smoking and she made it 10 days.  I am so proud of her.  I noted several things about our conversation.  One, she acknowledged that she smoked more then she led everyone to believe.  Wow, that was huge, because she was being honest with herself.  Another was when she said how much she needed to hear her sisters say, “I am proud of you.”  She knows we are and we tell her often, but she realizes how much she needs that support system.  She knows it is vital to her success.  Oh, and another thing she pointed out was that she has realized that her desire for a cigarette is temporary, not all day.  I told her that it was such a part of her routine that she is feeling that change at times and she will need to work towards developing new routines.
I realized our journeys are quite similar.  We are both making life changes that will affect our health and the rest of our lives.  Just the other day I decided it is time to ditch the carbs.  Well, the bad carbs that is.   I have been going thru my own DT’s, but I know I will feel better in the long run.  Heck, it has paid off in a few more lbs lost.  Yeah Me!!!  But back to the support, thanks to my sisters excitement for her own milestone, it helped me fight thru mine yesterday.  I wanted to eat something not so good for me, but I fought thru it because she gave me that boost I needed (and she doesn’t even know it).
I am blessed to have an awesome support system.  My sisters are my cheerleaders.  They keep encouraging me on this journey and like my other sister, that support helps me thru the next hurdle.  My husband as well as other family and friends are there for me in whatever endeavors I take and the monthly support group as well as and this blog have been amazing.  I am learning so much from others.

(P.S. I weighed this morning and it was 245.2.  I can't seem to update my weight loss ticker.  ugh)


  1. Great post - great reminder ! There really is such a great community of banders out here :) Your sister's accomplishment is really something - the health and money improvements !!

  2. we are strong banned together there nothing we can,t do together. we will move that mountain one stone at a time it is to huge to move all together ahhh what is that I see it is light at the end of the tunnel God Bless, we are strong in numbers. so kid you and sis hang in there together

  3. WEll baby girl I am so glad we sisters can be your support group, cause that's what we are here for. We love you and are all rooting for you and anything we can do to make your transition easier we will do. Congrats on the extra weight loss by the weigh, hehe. love ya