Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stressful week.....

This resembled me this week.  Well, especially Thursday night.  I lost my mind (well, what was left of it).

First, my surgeon is going on vacation.....for 3 weeks.  ugh!!!  So it will be Oct. 21 before I see him and THEN they can submit everything to the insurance.  So it could be another 3 weeks after that and what if they disapprove it.  So it will probably be more then 6 weeks PLUS there is Thanksgiving, so no surgeries that week probably.  Needless to say, I am annoyed.  I was hoping he would have a cancellation before he went on vacation so we could get the paperwork to the insurance company, but oh well, it is not my time.

I am a passive person.  I RUN from any confrontations or any situation that could be sticky.  I don't handle stuff like that well at all.  Ok, so with the stress of everything this week, I found myself trying to figure some things out and I lost my mind.  At one point I resembled the girl from the Exorcist.  I really believe my head spun around.  I was having a battle with myself and neither one won.  Ugh!!!

I am still fighting with myself, but trying to do it in a positive way (which is more my nature).  One, I am trying to learn how to face things head on instead of running from them (soooo much easier said then done....for me).  This morning, I decided to take a little out on the treadmill and walked for an hour while watching the Biggest Loser.  I do feel better.  Now to just approach my difficulties and take my stress out on the treadmill from now on...then maybe my husband won't be so skeered.  :)


  1. well just think of it this way when your doctor returns he should be on top of his game refreshed . I know you are ready to start your next phase of your journey KIDO. I,m ready to start it with you. LOVE YOU KID, SIS

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot going on but figuring out stuff too. Don't worry about the surgery - it will happen when it happens. I started the process in Feb and had WLS in July. Deep breaths, lots of deep breaths.

  3. Okay Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all will happen when it is supposed to happen, and you know that is in God's time not ReJoyce's time or when ReJoyce think it is the time. He is in CHARGE. So Baby Girl, Like Cece said deep breaths and take a step back, regroup use the treadmill to your advantage and hey maybe this is a Blessing so you can get through the holidays as practice. You can do it I am here for you and if you are here in Delaware for Thanksgiving I will make crustless pumpkin pie for you.. We can have stuffless turkey or what ever it takes. Love ya keep the faith and call if you need to