Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anniversary, cake and facing realities

WARNING!!!  Food Porn!

Today is our first Anniversary!!!  Yeah!!!  One of the best things I have ever done.  :)  This time last year was such an exciting day.  We are both the babies of large families and most of our siblings were there.  He has a daughter and I have a son and they both are such a part of us that we had them in the wedding.  They also lite the unity candles (both our parents are already passed on) and signed as our witnesses (they both were 18 at the time).  It was amazing to have our families a part of this day.  When his family met me, and mine met him, they allll knew this was right and were so ready for us to get married.  We dated for almost 3 yrs before getting married.  We both have been thru some tough times in previous relationships and we try to use what we learned to make this one right.  Anyhow, that day was right in a million ways.

Now, on to the cake.  My sister always enjoyed making cakes, but unfortunately arthritis has made it so she cannot do it anymore.  But with my wedding, she wanted to do it for me.  Awww.  As you can see, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I have always LOVED the basket weave and I love how she did the colors.  As tradition holds, we saved the top of our cake....but guess what, I can't eat it...not yet.  I am still on the 40 carbs or less pre-op and I don't want to screw it up for ANYTHING.  So I told hubby that we will have some cake after surgery when I am on solids.  This way I can have my cake and eat it too.  (I know, I am so punny)
My new hubby is very country and some would even say REDNECK.  I am a country girl, so we are perfect together.  I searched high and low for just the right cake topper and found it.  A women dragging her groom away from hunting to get married.  Well, my sis took this theme a step further and made a grooms cake.  (sorry, more food porn)

Even the lantern turned on!!!  She did a great job and EVERYONE was tore up over this truck.

Oh what a WONDERFUL day!!!

 So, yesterday we went to hubbies great nieces b-day party ...she was 7.  My sister in law saw me and said, "wow, I can tell you are losing.  You could just about do this and not get surgery."  Well, I have pondered this to be ready for when folks say that, because I knew it was coming. (she was not being ugly by all means).  I said, "the only reason I am being so faithful on this diet is because I am getting the surgery and I don't want to screw this up.  I want everything to be just right when I get it.  If I was doing this just to lose weight, then 'you see that cake over there', I would already be eating a big ole piece."
I now see why so many people question, "can I do this on my own?", even though they tried in the past.  I had to face the reality that I HAVE tried this on my own and it didn't last.  Therefore, I am getting this tool to assist me.  And I cannot wait!!!!  I already have my pre-op or post-op diets laid out for Thanksgiving.  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing so much about your day ... glad to hear you've already got your Tday plans !

  2. so cute!! sounds like you had a ton of fun!