Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, I lost another pound on the pre-op diet, for my new weight of 243.8.  It is nice to be losing something, but I know the only reason I am so faithful on this is for the band.  I don't want to screw ANYTHING up on this.  My husband asked me the other day if I had weighed lately.  Said it looked like I had lost some in my stomach.  I thanked him and he said (this is our normal convo), "most women would have cussed me out right then."  ha ha, I am one of those people that looks NOT at what was said, but who it is coming from and where they are coming from.  He was paying me a compliment.  He tickles me though because he tries not to say the wrong thing, forgetting I am one of those people that views things differently.  Then I get to laugh at him panicing, thinking I am gonna be made at him.  :)  LOVE him.

Still waiting for THE call.  ugh, this waiting is a killin' me!!!  I am trying to focus on other things.  It will be when it will be....nothing I can do about it.....but I am still anxious.  :)

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