Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in the south

Ah, all is quiet.  Just me and the cat this morning (and a cup of coffee of course).  This is my quiet time.  Preparing breakfast for my family before we head to church.

I am also taking the time to sample some samples the nutritionist gave me.  So far, I liked the Unjury chocolate splendor.  It was fine with skim milk and then I upped the taste by adding a little ice and tablespoon of peanut butter.  mmmmm, it was quite tasty.  I tried a Muscle Milk protein bar recently and it was a big NEGATIVE.  whew, it turned my stomach against me. I was able to pick up some Muscle Milk protein drinks at a discount store.  Whew, now I know why they were at the discount store.  OMG, whew.  Not sure what I could do to disguise the taste of the protein.

I just tried a Calcet Lemon bite and it was quite tasty.  I think it might be rather pricey too.  I think I will get the chocolate bites from my local pharmacy.  I think it is a month and a half worth for $10.  Also, I just tried a Celebrate chewable multi-vitamin.  Not too bad.  A little tangy.  I need to check the prices there as well. I saw that Centrum has a chewable and I wish I could get a hold of a sample of that to try.  I hate to buy a bottle of 90 only to find out I can't stomach them.

While at the discount store, I also found some soups and broth for a good price (I pray they taste ok.  I better have some back ups just in case.)  Here is a pic of a few items.

Not sure how they will taste, but I am thinking I can doctor them up.....hopefully.

I have a sample of Unjury Chicken soup that I haven't tried.  While the above soups only have like 2 or 4 grams of protein, the Unjury soup has 21.  I wonder if I can mix the Unjury with some of the above. hmmmm

Well, off to have breakfast and get ready for church.


  1. Love quiet mornings and I always appreciate photos of what people buy. Have a great day !

  2. Yes, you can mix Unjury in, just be careful and don't exceed the temperature they say (it is on the package, I can't remember what it is).

  3. Thank you for the info. I better get a food thermometer. :)