Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd post op visit and first fill

Well, I am once again a day late in blogging.  It has been a crazy week with two vehicles breaking down.  One is back and running, the other is dead.  So we get to go truck shopping.  Oh my.

On to band news.  I went to the nutritionist on Thursday.  She said most folks lose 10-20 lbs that first 4 weeks.  I was on the low end of that at 11 lbs.  It seems the type of band I have has no fluid, therefore I had no restriction except for any swelling from surgery.  I did get the bariatric card for ordering smaller meals at restaurants and some tips about some of the foods I am eating.  I go back in a month.

I went for my second post op appt yesterday and got my first fill!!!!  Yeah!!!!  I got 4 cc's in my 11 cc band.  I do feel a little this morning.  When I drink, I get this feeling like I need to burp and get this little gurgle sound.  I am on mushies today and real food tomorrow.  I am a bit nervous about that, but you can believe I will chew everything to a pulp.

Well, I didn't think of something until the nurse pointed it out.  I started out with a BMI of 46 and am now at 42.  YES!!!  In just 15 more lbs, I will no longer be Morbidly obese, just obese.  I know it still sounds bad, but not as bad as MORBIDLY obese.  I hate that word!!!

Well, this got me to wanting to list out a few of my short term Goals.

1. Get my BMI to 39 to go from Morbide obesity to just Obese.
2. To get out of size 20 something and into the teens.  Since I wear elastic everything, I wasn't sure what size I actually wear, so I stopped by Kohl's yesterday and tried some Jeans on so that I would have something to gauge that by.  22 fit comfortably, 20s would fasten, but wouldn't be too comfortable.  I believe I was in 24s before.  Yeah me!
3.  To reach Onderland.  Oh what a happy day that will be.  I haven't been there since around 2006.

I need to work on a reword system for all my mini goals.


  1. One of my goals is also to be in wonder land by the end of this year. I'm a 24 too. I hope I can get out of these and into some smaller pants soon. Keep up all the hard work.

  2. You have some really good, attainable goals there! Good luck to you!