Thursday, June 23, 2011


I haven't really broached the subject of goals.  The obvious first would be, to look good.  :)  Isn't that what we all want.....deep down.  Actually, I am tired of being tired.  I am tired of feeling like I am moving thru mud just to get from my car to my desk each morning.  And I want to wear cute clothes....well, a 40 year old cute clothes.  (not fond of 40 somethings wearing teens clothes, but that is just me)  I was walking thru a store after my psych visit and looking at the plus size clothes.  They reminded me of the polyester shirts my mother wore in the 70's.  In bright color, bold patterns screaming, "LOOK AT ME, HERE I COME!"  Yeah, just what I want to do.  Sorry, but that is not my cup of tea.  I want to look comfortable.  I want to look relaxed.  Do you know what I mean?  Where your cloths fit nicely and you look comfortable.  I want to fit on a roller coaster again.  I want to have the energy to do things I enjoy.  I want to fit back into my reenacting clothes.

I saw these really cute slacks a few years ago.  I didn't buy them, but I was crazy over them.  Well, I went into the store several months later and they had them for $7.  They only had a 16 and I like how I look at that size, so I bought them.  They are hanging in the closet, just waiting for me.  They are dark blue, with light pin strips and red buttons.  I thought a red tank and white 3/4 sleeve blouse over it would look good.  That is another goal.  I want to wear that outfit.  I promise, the day I do, I will post the pictures.  I am in between a 22 and 24.  Actually, those are tight.  I got so disgusted that I ended up buying men's t-shirts recently.

I was fired up today about recipes. I got the idea to check Campbell's website for meal ideas using their healthy request soups.  I got several promising ones.  I always hear that if meat is dry, it is more apt to get stuck, so I thought this might be a good way to keep it moist.  I also had the idea that if my husband cooks on the grill and it is too dry, maybe I can mix the meat with a little broth and mix it in this little blender.  hmmmm, we shall see.

Let me know of any ideas you might have.

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