Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To tell, or not to tell......that is the question:

(Please don't tell Shakespeare I stole his format)
  I have seen this subject countless times in both forums and blogs.  I am taking the lesson's learned by other banders and attempting to only tell those that will support and encourage me.  It still leaves me in a bit of a possible sticky situation.
  Here is the deal.  First, I told my husband, son and step-daughter.  My husband was and has always been supportive.  My son was like, ok (translation:  What ever, your grown, do what you want...ha ha, I love that boy!)  My step-daughter was the only one that struggled with it.  She showed her concern and I explained it to her.  She was more at ease, but still does not understand because, "Miss Joyce, you look just fine."  Awww, love her.  She doesn't fully grasp my fears of future health problems.  I have been so fortunate so far, but for how long?  My poor siblings are having a time with their health.
  I then mentioned it to my two closest friends.  I told them for a couple of reasons.  One, if they found out later, they would have been hurt and two, they are banded, so they would have known.  :)  They have had such a devil of a time with their bands and would rather I didn't, but they know I made my mind up.  I told one just this morning, "I am going into this with my eyes wide open.  I realize the issues I will and may endure and I am still taking this journey."

  I am the baby of 7.  Cold winters in Delaware.....most of us were born in Sept and Oct. ;)  I was talking to my oldest sister the other day.  All of my siblings have always worried about my weight.  Anyhow, we were talking and in an effort to reassure her that I was taking some action, I told her I was talking to a nutritionist and my doctor.  She then says, "Have you thought about the Lap Band?"  I busted out laughing.  Well sis, since you mentioned it, yeah, that's what I am doing.  I thought she was gonna cry.....happy cry.  So now she is fired up looking for protein high, band friendly meals for me.  Woo Hoo!!!
  I am considering telling my other sisters, but I am nervous.  Again, they will probably find out one day and they would be hurt if I didn't.  So I am thinking of telling them.  Wish me luck.

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