Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's get this party started...part deux

( I am trying not to overwhelm anyone with one huge blog, so I am breaking this first one down)
  So, I went to the seminar and tried to absorb as much info as I could and asked many questions.  Then called days later with more questions.  Knowledge is power!!!  My insurance requires 3mths (for doc visits) of a doctor monitored diet and exercise.  I went on June 10th to get that going.  I went today for my 6 month check on my blood pressure and was UP 2 lbs.  Oh, good grief!
  I went 2 weeks ago to meet with the nutritionist.  LOVED her!!!  One of the things I loved was not only do they say, do this, don't do that, but they tell you why.  I am more apt to obey if I know why.  She gave me a list to try and start making changes.  I am now off sodas.  Good bye Diet Mt. Dew, so long Diet Dr. Pepper.  You are no good for me, so I must sever this relationship.
  I went to a support group that is hosted by our nutritionist and it was awesome.  So much knowledge and trust me, I asked questions.  Looking forward to going thru this new journey with the new friends there.
  I took the psych eval test last week.  (my husband told me to just tell them I was crazy and get it over with. lol  He thinks it is unnatural for someone to be happy all the time.) :)   Anyhow, I met with the psychologist today and he was very please to see how much research I had done and how I am already practicing to chew and chew and chew and also not drinking during meals.
  He was quite helpful.  He gave me the idea to use a child's divided plate and to use children's utensils.  Hmmm, should I get Barbie....maybe Shrek......hey, that little monkey is kind of cute.  Will let you know later what I decide.
  With that said, I did get an idea.  I know some of this is gonna be difficult.  Especially going thru Bander Hell or what ever it is called.  I am sure I will give it a name.  Anyhow, I thought, why not get my own pretty dishes....just for me.  Something that brightens me up, makes me happy.  Heck, beats using the same old stuff.

Well, more to come as I learn more on this new journey and thank you for visiting me and please feel free to share your wealth of knowledge with this newbie.

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