Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want my band and I want it now!

Funny how firm I can be on the computer and such a push over in real life.

I am currently doing my 3 month, doctor supervised diet and exercise. (insurance required) Ugh!  The good thing, I have a constant reminder of why I am choosing to get the band.  I am HUNGRY!!!  I try to do all the right things I know I should, but I am hungry.  I am one of the lucky people.  I like meat, I like veggies and I even like water.  I just get hungry and want to eat the cow in the field down the road.

I continue to read all the success stories for inspiration and try to hold on till that glorious day.  (the cow thanks you)

I am continuing to practice eating slowly and chew chew chew (ha ha, kind of like that cow).  I am also still practicing to eat without drinking.  Sometimes I still take a sip.

A friend of mine got her lap band several years ago.  She has struggled with several things, one being she wasn't hungry.  (Sounds like a good thing to me, but ok)  Anyhow, because she has issues with her blood sugar, she HAD to eat.  Well, I shared some of the info the nutritionist gave me and she found out one of her problems.  "They" told her that you won't be able to drink soda's!  She was like, well, guess what kimosabe, I CAN drink them, so HA!  Well, when I sent her the info, she read where the soda (carbonation) triggers the brain to think you are full and also stretches the pouch.  ahhhhh  So, since she has stopped drinking them, she has been able to eat properly (for a banster that is).
I am learning so much and getting more excited!

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