Monday, June 27, 2011

Successful bandits

In all my research about the band (reading blogs and forums), I have learned that there are several commonalities amongst successful bandits (or banders or banditos...ha ha, I love all the play on words)

Attitude.  From what I have seen, the folks who have had a good, positive and strong attitude have been successful, whereas the folks that seem to have self-pity or just a plain poor or negative attitude have struggled a whole lot more.  Don't get me know, I realize everyones journey is different and folks have different issues.  Some can eat this, but some can't and so forth.  But the folks with a good attitude seem to have had a better fighting chance.
They were well aware of the changes they would have to make and for the most part, followed thru. They still had lessons to learn, but maintained that positive outlook.

Successful banders see the band as the tool it is meant to be.  They do not see the band as a quick fix.  They learn to use the band to their advantage.

And they prepare themselves.  They arm themselves with the foods they can eat.  Use smaller plates and utensils and search out good recipes.  They read forums and blogs of other successful banders for inspiration and to help keep the focus.

I am making preparations to be ready, mentally and physically.

Best wishes to my fellow newbies.


  1. Way to go Baby Girl, thats what I call ReJoyce777 as she is my Baby Sister. Anyway get ready in all ways, get set and go go go girl. I am right there with you and for you. I am just a phone call away when ever you need extra help with words, extra encouragement, tears, or high protien recipes to help along your path to a more healthy you. Love you so much

  2. hey kid, with all the information you have and shared with others. i now understand that your choice to do the lap is a wise choice for you i am so proud of you kid. keep your positive outlook and you will be able to help others. i,m proud of you and support you all the way.